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Today’s Word is… UNITY

RIP raising the roof, watching me whip; watching me nae nae, the dab, “for shizzle”, twerking, “Bling Bling”, “on fleek” and the countless other things white people came, saw and ruined.  It’s kinda their thing.  Shoutout to Columbus. Well, fuck him. But a day off is a day off. Where was I? Ah, yes white people ruining things.  My thought as I watched white people turned Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling protest turn into the mannequin challenge. (Another thing that was ruined… They even tried to do it on a flight once, like I know it’s been some years since 9/11 but we ain’t THAT comfortable.  Tell me the safety instructions and give me my half a can of soda and go).  It was the NFL’s chance to show “unity”, not actual unity like, we support your fight against injustice and police brutality but moreso…we’re on the same team. Literally.  How you gentrify a protest?   It’s like turning the Montgomery Bus Boycott into a Fitbit steps challenge or making Ghandi’s hunger strike about clean eating.  All while the elephant in the room, they DID fire the person who “disrespected the flag” in the first place.  So where is this unity? 

No one was asking for your unity, B.  Pumpkin Spice Putin doesn’t have the power to fire NFL players, so Tom Brady standing with his team mates in a “I got you gesture” serves about as much purpose as an umbrella on a windy day.   Unity sounds good, like “post racial”. But you can’t fast track to unity without the work.  Not when we can’t come to agreement on what should be simple shit, like Confederate monuments, stop painting your face on Halloween, don’t murder civilians before they have a day in court or whether or not you believe in standing for the national anthem, that wasn’t even a thing the NFL did 8 years ago.  Obama was elected twice and no one knows if he prefers the Star Spangled Banner or Love on Top (of course it’s Love on Top… The Star Spangled Banner isn’t even seeing America the Beautiful if we being real)  So back to Sunday, I’m watching standers and kneelers come together and feeling satisfied with themselves and it’s like watching Bob from Accounting try to dance at the holiday party.  Just…. Stop, you’re embarrassing yourself. 

So, how does this unity work anyway? What happens the next time someone is killed by the police? Is Jerry Jones going to call out the police brutality or respect his players right to feel a way about it for 2 minutes while some random Grammy nominated country singer sings.  It’s easy to call Twitler divisive, “divisive” has become the gluten free vegan substitute for “racist”, but are we ever going to ask why he and his base are always being “divisive”?  Since kneeling is cool now, is anyone going to give Kaepernick a damn job?  Or is this “unity” about as stable as a Bad Boy records contract. 


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Today’s Word is… SPAM


June 6, 1999.  The day I won’t forget (okay I googled it but still).  It was the Indiana Pacers versus the New York Knicks.  My mother, an Indiana native loved her Pacers, so in turn I loved them too like you would that cousin who is a little too old to be hanging with you but y’all still had to kick it when they came over. So the game is going to the wire, my mother is stressed, about a bunch of more important things, but this game wasnt helping.  I really wanted her to have this one, just for a night.  So, I prayed for the Pacers to pull it out.  Then the improbable happened…Larry Johnson, forward for the Knicks, goes up for the 3, drains it and gets called for the foul. (Ain’t no one even touch his ass) A four point play, the Knicks would win.  It was like God himself was like, “stop playing on my phone, B”.  I haven’t rooted for the Pacers since, even when they went the Finals that next year. (Sorry Ma).  
At that tender age of 9, I learned don’t be out here praying for silliness. (I’ve also spoken on my struggles with prayer more earnestly here).  Many people never got that lesson, every tense sporting event you see fans praying in the stands, for the result of a game that has little to no effect on their lives, except maybe that dude with the gambing addiction who probably bet his mortgage on the game…really sucks to be that guy.  However, even for him his prayers are probably going unanswered. Why? Because our God has other things to do, sports fan prayers are definitely going in His spam folder.  I would say His spam folder consists of:

– Aforementioned sports fans prayers

– R Kelly’s “U Saved Me” album

– Anything from Eddie Long (What, too soon?) or molester catholic priests

– Prayer for something bad to befall someone (besides, that’s what karma is for)

– His name said in vain during the throws of passion

– That time OJ Simpson thanked God like he didn’t kill 2 people

– Prayers for your cousin to get out of jail like he didn’t kill 2 people

– Prayers for something to happen to the teacher because your behind ain’t study

–  Prayers the test is negative even though you know she wasn’t cheating

– Writing “amen” on some Facebook post even though you have no idea if it’s true or not

– Prayers for Creflo Dollar to get his jet

–  Grace said with a mouth full of food (yeah I said it)

– This.

Prayer warrior gon’ pray

– Prayer for someone’s wickedness when everyone knows you just being shady, Sister Audrey 
– That ignant prayer from Baby Boy

That time Jay Z won the Grammy and said he wanted to thank God a little bit

– Whatever that shorty in Mary Mary said before she shot up that car

– Everything Pastor Ma$e said after he became Murda Ma$e again

– Those “thoughts and prayers” tweets from members of Congress after a mass shooting when they refuse to do anything about gun control

– Prayers for her to come back when you both know you ain’t changed

I mean every now and again you can slip one by, you made to work and back with your tank on E.  Maybe some sports fans did slip one by because the Cubs are defending champions. And now Trump is (their) President. See what happens? Stop playing on His phone, B.  



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Today’s Word is… THUG


So what is a thug?  By definition, it’s a criminal.  What is a criminal, someone who commits a crime.  What isn’t a crime? Being a black person. 

So what is a thug? It has become the Coke Zero version of the n word, used in the same degrading context that it might as well be the “t word” (sorry t word has already been taken; would you like to try t word01, t word_, word.t). A year after Seahawks cornerback shared these very sentiments, it appears no one has learned their lesson because this year the thug scope has been aimed at Sherman’s teammate Marshawn Lynch.  Not for being loud, aggressive and outspoken like Sherman, he actually wants to just do his job and go home.  Thug life.  When thug isn’t being misappropriated to an athlete, its being used to describe an unarmed police homicide victim, the President, the author of this blog.  Now what do we all have in common? *cue Jeopardy music*

So what is a thug?  It’s the Coke Zero version of n*gger.  It’s n*gger but don’t take my job, it’s n*gger but don’t call me a racist, it’s I need to feel okay with unarmed teens dying, it’s I need to still feel superior to a black millionaire, it’s why can you people say the other word and I can’t. 

So what is thug? To me, its a slur.  I’ll go out on a limb and say if someone refers to a black person as such, you meant the other word.  They meant to dehumanize, they meant to devalue, they meant to stir up a certain feeling of disdain.  In short, words means things and I wish people especially in the media would stop insulting our intelligence by feigning ignorance to the context of what they’re saying.  When they call Lynch a thug, they aren’t thinking about Bond villain henchmen or the Indian muggers of the 1800s, they are thinking “a contemptible black person”. 

So what is a thug?  It’s not to be taken lightly, it’s not a racist cheat code, it’s not a Super Bowl winning Running Back who won’t give a quote.  In the same way society frowns upon white people saying the n word (unless you play wide receiver for the Eagles) I hope eventually words like “thug”, “ghetto”, “hood”, “inner city” become just as despised because we’re not naive and know exactly whats being implied. 


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Today’s Word is… STAY


So last week, The IlluminaTMZ released a second video actually showing the assault of Janay Palmer Rice by her then fiance Ray Rice, former Baltimore Raven and June 19ers fantasy player.  I expressed my feelings on the initial video, then again following reaction to his diminutive 2 game suspension, and now the story has been given new life because people are realizing that how poorly this was handled from day one.  Suddenly people are curious why wasn’t he imprisoned, why was he only given a 2 game suspension (ironically enough he would’ve been reinstated today), and of course, why did Janay stay with him and has since married him and to this day is riding out for him.

This sparked an online debate of why do women stay, why do women leave, and why do outsiders even care about what life she chooses to live.  If you’ve been reading this blog or follow me on Twitter, you know I’m staunchly against a man hitting a woman; yes its a double standard, no I don’t give a fuck.  I ain’t pass the the Bar but I know a little bit, enough to know it’s against the law to assault people.  That’s not me concerning myself with people’s private lives, that’s not me expressing fake outrage.  I’m also aware in different eras, this may not have always been as black and white as it appears to me now.

I’ve had discussions with other people who support Janay standing by her family and trying to push forward.  They cite what their grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles have done and sometimes shit just happens.  I don’t agree, but I can understand.  Some people are just conditioned to love being hard, adverse, a struggle, and as I’ve expressed numerous times here, it doesn’t have to be.  I don’t want a woman I would have to strike to gain respect, nor a woman who doesn’t have enough respect for me as a man to strike me.  Yes, we all seen the old grumpy couple who seemingly abhor each other but still together because, where else they going to go.  We’ve also seen women stick around abusive relationships and be killed by that very person.   I personally feel there’s violence where there’s no respect, no respect where there’s no love, but this time I have no law to support it, I’ll just be in my camp they can be in theirs. 

As for my final words on Raymell and Janay, because I legit cannot debate this anymore for my own faith in humanity; what I saw in that video I do not believe was a “bad night” or a mistake.  I’ve knocked out grown men and immediately after felt some remorse, this man KO’ed his fiancée and couldn’t even pick her up or pull her skirt down.  I don’t agree with her standing by her man, but I can understand it to a degree.  I think the NFL shouldn’t be held accountable for what the law should be doing.  I don’t believe that was his first time striking her, for her and their daughter’s sake I can only pray it’s his last.


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Today’s Word is… LOYAL


So you not taking that pay cut?

So because its summer and my Red Sox are flat out depressing to watch, I been investing all my energy into keeping up with NBA Free Agency.  What I find fascinating about it all, well besides the numbers, tax implications, evaluating contracts (after all I did go to school for sports management) is the all the guilt tripping the media, teams and fans are trying to do. Its easy for a fan to want their favorite player to stay on their favorite team even if that team has no chance in winning; or for a GM to come out publicly and try to shame a star for getting the most money they can,  or ESPN to have a roundtable discussion about legacies and loyalty.  Its all exploitative.  Free agents should be able to do whatever they wish without having to feel bad about how much they got paid or the fans they leave behind, that’s the point of being free.  These pros ain’t loyal, and they shouldn’t be.  LeBron James is as obligated to take a pay cut as a single person is to be faithful to someone they aren’t with. 

Whether its the one they broke up with 3 weeks ago, an e bae, workspouse, parent of their child, someone they just smashing, there’s always someone who assumes loyalty without doing the one thing that assumes loyalty which is enter a monogamous relationship.  Instead again they guilt their way out of it “if he/she was serious they wouldn’t be still dating”, “don’t ask ‘what are we'”, and of course calling them a heaux for doing what all single people do.   Hell, even people in a relationship have complete freedom to walk away from a bad situation but usually they don’t, even when they have a plethora of reasons to.  These “pros” ain’t loyal.  Loyalty has became more of a weakness than the strength its implicates.  We don’t choose self as often as we ought to.


That’s not to say loyalty isn’t appreciated at all, I just don’t see it as a pre-requisite to a relationship.  I wouldnt want a woman to be all about me while I’m still single. She’s “building trust and loyalty” that I’m not sure she’ll cash in on, so its like taking home tickets from the arcade that’s closing in a week. (Sidebar you notice how you never have enough tickets for anything you actually want except a slinky….conspiracy I say) I think when we’re content that “loyalty” comes anyway, but to flat out expect it, once again shows a lack of accountability.  I could never ask someone I’m talking to, or just entertaining to amnesty everyone else for me without actually asking for a relationship.  Of course, no one wants someone they care about basking in the affections of another but that’s the way it should be, claim or forfeit.  But things never are that simple, no matter how much I try to make it be.  This prose ain’t loyal.


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Today’s Word is… DESENSITIZED



You know you’re getting old by how increasingly annoyed you get by young people.  Case and point I’m on my way to work, I see a young couple playing around on the subway, she says something smart to him, he replies
“don’t make me Ray Rice you”.  We exchange looks and I just shake my head at him, him and the girl continue their banter.  His statement annoyed me because its similar to the types of jokes I was seeing all weekend on social media regarding the assault of Ravens RB Ray Rice on his fiancé Janay Palmer.  People made references to Street Fighter, Chris Brown/Rihanna, the Cleveland Bus Driver etc, none of which I found remotely amusing.  The video that surfaced that shows Rice dragging his unconscious fiancé out the elevator was disgusting, regardless of what new facts surface, he dragged the mother of his daughter like a Christmas tree in mid January; there’s nothing that rationalizes it.


What facts that have surfaced is that, Rice and Palmer are high school sweethearts with a history of fighting and that she perhaps started the altercation by spitting on him.  Who gives a fuck.   Its like the excuses people gave Chris Brown and the bus driver and its troubling how desensitized people have become to domestic violence, especially in high profile situations like this one.   Putting hands on women is never cool and its sad how my peers are full of people who feel that somewhere down the line the playing field between men and women are level when it comes to physical violence. 

That’s not to say women are free to jump in a man’s face.  There’s a level of cowardice that comes with fighting someone when you know they can’t defend themselves.  I’ve found myself in those situations but I was able to use restraint as I was raised to.  One should respect your temper, if I was to lose myself and strike a woman, what is to happen when I’m disrespected again,  it would only escalate and then you only end up in worse situations, like Jovan Belcher, who murdered his child’s mother before turning the gun on himself.  Janay Palmer seems to be backing Ray and downplayed the entire ordeal which is a situation that we know all know way too well.   I don’t believe its a reach that if Rice is given a slap on the wrist it can only go downhill from there.  Personally, I think he should be cut immediately and prosecuted but as we’ve seen Chris Brown or even Floyd Mayweather, this will likely be a minor setback.

Now to bring this full circle, why is it we don’t care about this?  There would be more press if Rice had a pregnant side chick than knocking out a 25 year old woman.  Women beaters are punchline to jokes more than they are social pariahs.  Assaults aren’t mistakes, they’re choices.  I just wish they were taken more seriously, by the perpetrator, by the victims, by society.


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Today’s Word is… BOWL

So last year I did 47 observations from Superbowl 47, now its SB 48 so I’m upping the ante to 48.  As you know this years fame wasn’t nearly as interesting so bear with me


48. Joe Namath would my hero if he played for anyone except the Jets
47. Even racists love Queen Latifah
46. FOX wanted to catch Know sh on crying so bad
45. Peyton tried to catch that first snap then he remembered white men can’t jump
44. Bruno Mars probably text Russell Wilson like “one of us is going to have to change”


43. Pam Oliver’s hair was shade proof
42. Wait it’s the internet, everything is shadeable
41. These commercials stink
40. Peyton Manning already looks defeated
39. Are people going to admit Bruno Mars halftime > Beysus
38. #KanyeforHalftimeShow
37. This game is getting ugly, where’s Bane at
36. Russell just going to have to take the Trent Dilfer title for now the defense deserves MVP
35. Amazing Spider-Man looks well, amazing
34. Mark Wahlburg’s agent could probably lower the unemployment rate , Marky Mark stays working
33. These commercials still stink
32. The Cheerios one was cute but I haven’t laughed yet
31. Fuck Eli Manning
30. JC Penney getting more buzz off fake drunk tweets than these $4 million ads…genius
29. Kia just ruined Morpheus for me
28. Okay I’m lying he’s been dead to me since Matrix 3
27. Oh now Wes Welker wanna catch
26. Denver celebrating not getting blown out, greatest offense ever huh
25. Richard Sherman and Obama in the White House should be interesting
24. This game is boring I have a few more thoughts on halftime
23. RHCP would’ve been better as a surprise guest, knowing they were coming kinda ruined it
22. Bruno’s band doesn’t get nearly as much shine as they should I don’t like ballad singing Bruno
21. I can’t believe the Patriots lost to this team
20. Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll left USC to rot and got rings…what’s karma
19. 47 thoughts was easier last year…this game and ads stinks
18. Tom Brady > Peyton Manning
17. I still scored more in Flappy Bird than Broncos scored in the Superbowl
16. Defense wins championships and the NFC are loaded with them, they might make a run as a conference
15. 8 points I’m dying
14. I really didn’t think Brooklyn Nine Nine would be good now it follows the Superbowl
13. New Girl too….guess Fox is over the cartoon thing
12. I’m clearly killing bullet points til this game ends
11. Football is really gone til August tho
10. Guess I should really start paying attention to the NBA and college hoops
9. I just want to see the Heat lose to the Thunder or Warriors
8. My Celtics depress me
7. For its bad rep Compton produced Dr Dre, Venus and Serena, Kendrick Lamar and Richard Sherman
6. I really don’t remember any commercial even Doritos let me down
5. Superbowl commercials were better when we didn’t talk about them
4. That sounded a little hipstery
3. Seattle Seahawks are world champs
2. If the Thunder stayed in Seattle they could potentially have a title town
1. Boston is titletown

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Today’s Word is… FAN

My four passions, art, writing, women and sports. One of those passions, I have yet to date a woman who shared it.  Now if you guessed “women”, you are incorrect and clearly missed the dead giveaway in the title. The correct answer is sports, I’ve yet to date a sports fan, which is perhaps rare these days.  I’ve dated women who tolerated sports, they’d sit and watch a football game with the promise I would channel surf during commercials and agree to sit through a reality show to be named later.  I’ve dated women who watched enough local news to know Aaron Hernandez is not the same guy from the State Farm commercials *le sigh*, but anyone who isn’t transcending the sport, she.o.e.n.o. 

This was my random thought as I was half zoning out talking to this woman at Happy Hour. I bore easily.  Anyway, she was explaining how she became a fan of her teams; Heat, Giants, Yankees, Lakers. She was from DC, I think. I wasn’t sure if she was just a bandwagoner or a troll. Now I’m from Boston, Massachusetts born and raised, on the playground is where I spent of my days, my local team fanhood was instilled from birth, I couldn’t imagine rooting for anothesr team, let alone THOSE particular squads.  She waved to someone she knew, I made a sly remark about how Heat fans are always looking for the next thing, she fired back about how she ain’t know Boston fans came in black.  Quick on her feet.  She gets a point.  

Shots were downed and fired and it turned out she was cool for a Laker fan.  Perhaps too cool to be one as fans of teams have certain stigmas to them. Studies (and by studies i mean just made this up) suggest that the team you root for is indicative of the types of people you date. So for fun I decided to do some of the more common fan/dating stereotypes.

Cowboys fan- The Cowboys fan is loyal to a fault.  Came for what you were, won’t leave for what you keep telling her what you might be

Lakers fan – She’s dramatic and confrontational.  Everyone is hating and jealous of her, according to her. More about being seen than you know, seeing you

Heat fan- She down for as long as you’re up, enjoy her while it lasts

Eagles fan- You know shes not in it for the superficiality, you aint got much.  She’s one of the realer ones, forgiving, honest but keeps getting her heart broke

Knicks fan- She’s extra.  She on cloud 9 she’s at rock bottom with hardly any middle ground.  The fights are devastating, the small gestures mean the world to her.  

Celtics fan- She’s the type who likes to remind you what you put her through.  She was there for every trial and tribulation and will constatly say she at the brink but never go anywhere  

But of course I’m only speculating….cause I aint ever date sports fan. 


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Today’s Word is… SPORTS

I’m weird.  I have a blog in 2013, I read ehow and Wikipedia for no reason, I hate hot sauce and cream cheese yet eat Buffalo wings and cheesecake, I hate when my tie doesn’t match my dress socks, Oh yeah and I still have a fuggin cat.  One of the things that has always made me not *as* weird is my 4th love; sports, the others ahead obviously being women, music, and writing.  My love for sports started where most young boys love for sports begins, my father.

Father’s Day 1993, also my 5th birthday.  I don’t remember much about the day, I mean it was 20 years ago but what I do remember is it was Game 6 of the NBA finals, Bulls vs the Suns.  My father and my brother was ready to watch the game, I was 5 so I thought I was grown I wanted to watch too.  My father called my bluff figured I would be knocked by the 2nd quarter but I watched every last second.  The Bulls would win that game and their 3rd consecutive championship, and I just remember the coronation of Michael Jordan.  He was the GOAT, I found the celebration as entertaining as the game, the passion, the joy, I wanted to be part of that one day.  I became a Bulls fan, I became a basketball fan, I wanted to play basketball.

I don’t remember what I had got for my birthday initially but I know it magically turned into a basketball hoop that next day.  It got old quick, and then Jordan retired but the love of the sports remained.  I never was the most athletic (although I was a pretty good baseball player back in the day) but as participant or spectator, from the age of 5 it was something that I just gravitate towards, just as most people do. But why do we throw billions into an industry that’s primarily centered on people playing a game?

For me it began with the camaraderie. I wanted to be “one of the guys” watching the game. That can also be applied to fanhood in general. It’s the unspoken fraternity (well not fraternity since ladies is fans too gon brush ya shoulders off) of people who invest as much time and energy rooting for the same team. The energy from being at the stadium, the local bar, even now just logging on twitter.

Then of course there’s the entertainment value. My favorite players who aren’t necessarily on my team are the ones who just flat out entertain me. There’s certain events that I just can’t miss, I remember LeBron’s first game, Stephen Strasburg’s debut, Shaq vs Kobe, Ohio St vs Michigan, sports are a spectacle. Even the most casual fan can’t not watch the Superbowl. The drama of a game 7, watching a record being broken, an inspiring back story, there’s always something to be watching for.

There’s so many more reasons but I’ll wrap this up by saying the experience. The underlying element you’re about to witness, feel and experience something you never have before or will again. Whether It’s a gracious victory or an agonizing defeat, when It’s over, It’s over. The greatest writers and analysts in the world still can’t quite recreate it. It can’t be undone (no matter how many times the NCAA white outs the history books and says something didn’t happen) can’t be done over. So as I sit and watch the Bruins or whatever NBA game is on tonight I know that win, lose or draw this will never happen again so I minds well enjoy it now. That’s sports.


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Today’s Word is… RESILIENCE

Editors Note: Been a few days, I certainly appreciate all whom reached out to check in on me and mines, Thank you.

April 16, 2013.  The morning after the Boston Marathon tragedy, the commute home the evening before was hectic, everyone buzzing about what just transpired, of course there’s the woefully ignorant spewing whatever half baked “facts” they felt were relevant.  However this morning was different, the reality had set in.  The train in a still, eerie silence, everyone exchanged looks, no words necessary.  This was in fact the hardest thing to do afterwards; move on with our daily lives.

I was 13 when 9/11 happened, old enough to realize what happened. I watched inshocked, I prayed, but I was perhaps still too young to process what truly happened. Virginia Tech in 2006 hit close to home, particularly because had it not been for a turn of events I would’ve been there.   Sandy Hook perhaps the most heartbreaking, so heinous, so evil, I still can’t understand it. And now this tragedy left a city, a country so predisposed to violence in complete shock.  The long quiet train ride to work pretty much embodied the spirit of us all that day.

April 20, 2013.  The morning after the capture of suspect #2 (sidebar: I wish we would stop giving some sort of fame to these people, why do most people know James Holmes but can’t name one Aurora shooting victim).  The mood was jubilant.  I was on my way to the Red Sox game, I had tickets for the game Friday night  and honestly had the game not been postponed I probably wouldn’t have gone anyway.  There was a discomfort in being in a ballpark with 37,000 people after the week we’ve had.  But Saturday afternoon, I HAD to be there.  It was an event I’d never forget, just the overall excitement from my fellow Bostonians.  Now we could really begin to move on.  The true feeling of resilience, the Sox win itself rallying from behind late a fitting metaphor.

So as I walked up Yawkey Way, once again surrounded by Bostonians, strangers yet bonded.  It wasn’t like leaving any other Sox game.  The train much more lively (granted alcohol certainly helped) than the ride on Tuesday.  So as we continue to recover and grow from this, our thoughts and prayers still on those affected and lost by this tragedy.  I can say I’ve never been more proud to be born and raised in this city.  I am Boston.


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