Today’s Word is… THINKPIECE


I miss being able to enjoy things.  Not that I don’t, but rather I miss when things were just….what they are.  Now in a social media era, EVERYTHING is an issue.  Whether its an album cover, a song lyric, a joke, you can pretty much conjure up a 800 word think piece on anything.  Now I’m a fairly progressive young black man, there’s plenty of things that I’m sensitive to or completely understand the outrage for.  I guess I miss the ignorance of yesteryear, things I enjoyed as a child being left alone shielded from the narrative reaching that is…the think piece.

I could see them invading my timeline and Reader now

“Is Marge Simpson a feminist”
“What Doug teaches us about children with ADHD”
“Martin vs Pam: when he doesn’t accept your friends”
“You look different Aunt Viv, Fresh Prince’s troubling issue with colorism”
“Is Topanga Lawrence fit shaming high school girls”
“I can save myself. Why this mom doesn’t allow Mario Bros in her home”
“What the East coast/West coast beef…(actually those were done)
“Why Michael Jordan must see it isn’t just the shoes”
“What Full House should teach us about independence”
“Screech, Urkel and street harassment”
“What Boy Meets World teaches us about classism”
“Sonic the Hedgehog and how environmentalists are standing up to industrial corporations”


I was kidding, but this actually happened. Women can hack roms too, girl power.

I got a little carried away.  Point remains, its beyond irritating.  For every thoughtful post there’s 100s of exaggerations by desperate writers hoping that their trollfest would go viral.  I myself, said earlier in this year that I would write less about myself and more about current events but when you see me writing open letters to Justin Beiber, please tell me to retire from blogging.  Not to tell someone what they can and cannot write but I feel there’s more pressing issues and platforms are continuously wasted on the irrelevant.  The Ray Rice incident fueled me to write, Pharrell not having enough black people on his album cover…eh, not so much.  I wrote a two part post following the Steubenville rape trial, I can’t see myself writing a thinkpiece on Breaking Bad.  But hey, different strokes, I just refuse to give a damn enough to read or discuss it.  Just like some may not feel the need to read a think piece on think pieces. Whatever.


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  1. hey, those were great titles, IJS lol, break me off one of them.

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