Today’s Word is… CORNBALL

There’s some things you just don’t say out loud.  No matter how much you try to intellectualize it it just sounds wrong.  Former ESPN anchor Rob Parker can attest to that.  However, we still live in a society where people have no qualms about talking recklessly, typically behind the guise of “keeping it real” or #imjustsaying.  But before the anonymity of the internet, there was the original hall pass to have loose lips, alcohol.  From the dawn of time, alcohol has compelled people to say the wrong sh t at the wrong time.  Sometimes, makes you speak from heart albeit incoherently.  Overall, it makes you give no fux about anything.  Hakuna Mutata.

Easter Sunday, 2013, now the last time we all came together was on Christmas, in “Debate” where the spotlight and furor of a bunch of drunken, unfiltered women was directed at me.  This time I was safe.  Instead, the bullseye was aimed directly at my cousin.  Who after a breakup with HIS girlfriend everyone typically liked, he’s been recently dating on the other end of the melanin scale.  Now my family is racist or prejudice by any stretch of the imagination but being primarily single black women there’s an unspoken level of discomfort when it comes to interracial relationships.  They made their sarcastic comments and jokes, I admit I chuckled at one about missing that MSG in his life or something like that.  But it brought me back to my own post a while back on interracial dating.  Why is it that some black women are so uncomfortable with a black man and a white woman.

My cousin isn’t officially done with dating within his race (okay maybe he is but he’s my age I don’t even know what the hell I’ma be doing years now, let alone who) and I spoke on brothers who feel like they date outside their race as some sort of misguided spite tactic.  Wacka Flocka Flame said in an interview “black girls out of style”, but again if there is someone who’s words you should never ever listen to it is Wacka Flocka Flame (yes I say the whole name to emphasize the ridiculous of his moniker, also what’s dumb about his comment is black women is his primary fan base because he’s a light skinned ninja with tats and dreads). Actually, if I date outside my race, I don’t intend to date another black woman (because I would expect my next girlfriend to be my last one, I mean isn’t that the point n sh t….fooled ya didn’t I).   But seriously, as I’ve alluded to before I date whomever is attractive, available and interested.  I’m not trying to spite the sista that played me (and if you’ve been reading long enough you know I’ve caught some ugly L’s)  but why the discomfort in the first place?

To be honest I think it comes from a place that’s beyond race.  Women hate men being attracted to anything that isn’t them.  Natural hair vs Weave, black vs white, big vs skinny, freaks vs prudes….there’s plenty of drummed up rivalries in the dating world.  Men are naturally competitive but I don’t think I’m too concerned with who the next woman is interested in.  Trying to fault a woman for not going for the fat, black, cuddly as ever type is just…petty.  I minds well make a song about a girl I hit “first” 7 years ago.


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