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Today’s Word is… BOOMERANG

*Pretends I can sing for a second*

There’s always that one person who will always have your heart…you never see it coming cuz you’re blinded from the start…know that you’re the one for me…it’s clear for everyone to see….

I’ve dated some amazing women. Some horrible misses, but mainly amazing.  I date sporadically but I rarely settle down unless I actually see some kind of long term future. Otherwise you’re prolonging the inevitable.  Perhaps a cynical way to look at things but whatever.  I’m a pretty decent guy.  I needed to mature like Cheez-It cheese but the end result is pretty goldod.  I’m so overly attractive it’s intimidating, but not ugly enough you have to justify me to your homegirls.  In essence, I’m safe.  Perhaps that’s why I constantly find myself in situations where exes/friends/homies exes (sad but true #theseheauxsbeactinup) seem to keep coming back into my life. Boomerang.  And I keep catching it when it comes my way, and I throw it away knowing eventually it will orbit back around.

I’m guilty of it as well.  Sometimes I really want to remain friends with an ex, typically because out of the women I’ve dated I can only say 2-3 were just bad people I wouldn’t want to associate with.  My girlfriend usually becomes my best friend, it’s hard to just go back to being strangers.  At least that’s how I see it, they see it as I know this negro ain’t dump me and trying to be bffs like my heart aint broke.  Even when I’m the dumped one, often I’ll still take the L and try and be civil.  Also I hate people being mad at me.  So I volunteer myself to the friend zone knowing good and well I can get her heart or body anytime I felt like.  Yet I played oblivious. Over time I learned my boomeranging was doing more harm than good, I wasn’t letting them cope.    Yeah I never cheated or did anything worthy of them hating me so with that I always have an open invitation back in their lives.  But sometimes you have to be the villain, best thing they never had, perhaps it shows a lack of accountability, but c’est la vie.  Other guys aren’t as considerate, they worked long and hard for that golden ticket they gonna get as many rides as they can, feelings be damned.  Women aren’t exempt either, they will surely remind you that your ticket isn’t expired yet.


Then there’s the other types of boomerangs, flat out sabotagers.  The Marvin’s Room dudes, the trifling BM/BDs, the game players.  I was this as well.  When my first girlfriend dumped me, I flat out reinvented myself and did everything imaginable to get her back.  When I had her I didn’t want her anymore.  I probably should’ve left her alone but pride, curiosity  and jealousy took over.  Me and “Her” boomeranged into each others lives for years.  Some girls legit had no shot once she came back in the picture, same with her suitors. Toast to them.  We aint sh**.  On TV we root for love and neglect the fact that the other person typically does nothing wrong like Tyra in “Love & Basketball” nurse him through his injury for him to turn around and become a Basketball Wife.  In real life, it’s a pretty messed up thing to do.

Yet, we always go back, or at least look.  We hit up exes with the “hey stranger”, or we’re the ones responding to it.  Part of it is we don’t want to appear bitter or we actually miss them.  Or maybe we just don’t know any better.


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