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Today’s Word is… FACEBOOK

I couldn’t go through with it.  I don’t know why I can’t kill it, it does nothing for me now.  People like to say keeping in touch but I have 8 siblings, a phone, and Twitter, if someone really can’t reach me it’s clearly them not trying.  I almost killed it back in 2008 when I was just going through a lot, again last year when I had way too much of my personal life being broadcasted both times I put my gun away.  This time I’m just bored with it. Why can’t I seem to shake this site I don’t even use?  Maybe because I’ve had it for so long…

I met Facebook back in college, it was first day of ugrad and after wandering about around campus I ran into this cute girl and we really hit it off.   I didn’t know what “Facebook Me” meant but if it was a way to get closer to her, I had my roommate introduce me to it.  We hit if off perfect, it was  the perfect complement to campus life.  It was a scrapbook of sorts, every name and face I encountered I could look up on Facebook and find out everything I needed to know. I had a feeling me and Facebook was going to have a beautiful friendship.

And we did, for six long years, we pulled through midterms, finals, ugly public breakups, deaths, births, hirings, firings, drama and boredom.  At 18, I loved Facebook, it was your every day life conveniently in one place.  All your memories captured in photographs, your thoughts stated in statuses for hundreds to see, your friends at the click of a mouse.  At 24, I hate Facebook, it’s your every day life conveniently in one place.  It’s no longer the cute girl from Econ class you want to know more about, it’s your coworker you don’t like and don’t want in your business.  There’s no looking around trying to find something to get into tonight, it’s a bunch of club promos.  Your audience isn’t a bunch of students, now it’s parents, childhood friends  and coworkers and vice versa, you’re no longer reading statuses about class and drama on campus, it’s about what Aunt Deb made for dinner and you have to cringe as you read a family members status talking about the “odacity of bumb bi***es”

The expanded audience made Facebook fat, then it had a bunch of ugly kids.  It’s first, the annoying apps.  It constantly send requests no matter how many times you elect to block all requests.  It was cute when it was just UNO and Texas Hold Em, but then it went through a clingy phase where games simply never ended and kept tricking people into asking their “friends” for help like Facebook itself isn’t full of people who actually don’t care about you or your farm.  The other ugly kid was the realization that I simply don’t care anymore.  Most of my friends list I will never see again, have a good life.  The ones I do see, I don’t care because I actually see them and can talk to them outside of the Matrix.  Or I still don’t care.  Anyway.

As much as Facebook sucks now, I highly doubt it’s ending  like Myspace.  People go on Facebook to read tweets, shared articles/blog posts, play 3rd party games and look at instagram photos.  Facebook is pretty much an online storage space.  Zuckerburg seriously gets paid for nothing now, he’s like a real life Bruce Wayne.   As insignificant as it seems, I just can’t seem to give up my small piece of internet real estate. It has my pictures, remembers birthdays and when I need a good laugh I can surely find one at another’s expense.


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