Today’s Word is… AGE

If she looks like this, compleeeeetely different post. Hi KeKe.

So I run into my boy on the way to work and we’re catching up.  We notice a girl smiling at us, more me than him but hey.  She was kinda cute but that’s all I paid attention to, it was the morning and public school milk got these high school girls deceiving as all hell. He beckons her over anyway, I know her.  She used to be around the way, somebody’s cousin I believe.  She comes and hugs me while my boy waits for an introduction, I barely remember her anyways, he can introduce yourself.

“Oh check you out all dressed up”

“Yeah just on my way to work, where you headed”

“Bout to go to school”

“What grade you in”

“I’m in college now, a freshman”

My boy started to talk low spit his little game, I had to go where I was going anyways.  I was leaving when she asked for my new number (like she had the old one, why do women do that they don’t ask they tell).  Hopefully my boy seals the deal, because she’s too young for me.

It’s funny because just a few days ago “Miss” asked me what’s the youngest I would date, and I said 21 at least.  Even that is a stretch, she would have to be really mature, or so dope I’m willing to look past it .  “Ms” for example, was both although in hindsight the maturity might’ve been an optical illusion.  But anyway, most of the women I talk to are my age or older accidentally on purpose.  Accidentally because I would never just shut down a younger girl who was interested.  On purpose because I typically have more in common with older women, I’m old for my age.  It took me a while to really come to that conclusion.  Story of my dating life, there was trial and plenty of errors…

When I was a senior in high school into my first semester of college, after my first real girlfriend dumped me.  I dated mainly younger (15-16 though, no R Kelly).  The bar was lower, and they was just as inexperienced as I was.  The issue was they were immature, and I was in college now.  So then I started to date girls my age, once again couple heartbreaks, decided to try something different again.   When I was 19-20, I had a small cougar phase, I went for older women because it seemed easier.  I was still insecure about myself, she was insecure about her age.  Also they been there, done that relationship wise and only wanted convenient fun.   This worked for a while, although there were some who would act my age which wasn’t cute at all.   In fact the oldest woman I dated she was 37 to my 19,  hands down the ghettoest, most immature woman I had ever dealt with.  She had a 13 year old son and still acted like a child…smh…but back to the story.  The real issue was as I got older I realized I wanted to be in a relationship and I noticed older women didn’t take me as seriously.   The been there, done that had backfired, they’ve been married, had kids, signed mortgages, I wasn’t about that life yet.

If she looks like this, compleeeeetely different post. Hi Halle.

So it brought me back to picking on girls my own size. Still mixed results. I never win. The lesson here should be that age doesn’t define maturity, so date whomever.  I will keep my settings on 21-34 for now though.  Because I think it still does define in a way, simply as it phases of life are concerned.  There’s a difference between being an adult and being grown.  An 18 year old hasn’t even had the type of relationship I desire, I’m sure of it.  Go get some experience and battle scars first.  A 42 year old probably isn’t looking to pop out a few big headed kids, I’m sure of it.  I’m sure there’s plenty exceptions as with everything, maybe the love of my life ends up being twice my age, (I ain’t playing cupid, don’t you try nothing) but for now I’ll see what I catch with this bait.


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