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Today’s Word is… DRAMA

yup. mmm hmmm. wow thats crazy

So I ran into an this girl I used to talk to’s homegirl the other day (why do all my posts seem to start with women now, guess they are my Muse). I was expecting a quick hi/bye but she kept continuing conversation, what my interests are who I be with, you know that whole thing. Of course, I brought up her friend and she said they weren’t friends anymore. I tried to wave for a fair catch, but she then went on about how/why they weren’t friends, to be honest I kinda tuned out and just nodded and said “wow that’s crazy” where I saw fit. She asked for my new number (like she actually had the old one, well played tho) and we went separate ways. I don’t plan on hitting her up of the principle. Me and the other girl weren’t exactly an item, but I was obviously relevant enough to meet her then best friend and a couple others. Also, the whole situation reeks of unnecessary drama. And homegirl ain’t that cute.  I thought back to when I was with her, she always did have a story about homegirl getting into something, she LOVES drama. I remember the stories clear as day now, she just craves that extraness in her life. I wondered why she was even friends with her in the first place. She was drama dependent like her but she had a slight kick as well. She kept her around FOR the drama, something we all seem to do.

admitting is the first step

Everyone protests they hate drama, yet we’re all guilty of indulging in drama. We all love it, our daily dosages just vary. I don’t care for drama but I admit it keeps things interesting. Some of us prefer to be on the outside looking in on drama. We all have that friend that can’t stay out of trouble, guilty pleasure reality show, or that online alter ego that you live vicariously through. Others like personal drama, so they always putting themselves in certain situations. Then there’s the ones that can’t seem to avoid it no matter how hard they try.

The Facebook posts i really like, needs no “like”

When i was younger i was a lot more naive and dramatic but now I’m probably 75% outside, 15% personal, 10% can’t avoid it. I’ve gotten better at avoiding drama (e.g. earlier in post) but some stuff just follows you. Relationships have drama, but so does being single. You go to school, drama, you work drama, you interact on social media, and there’s more drama waiting for you. I like a little personal drama, it keeps me entertained. Also, I’m a thinker; get in my head and you get in my heart. The ones that drive me crazy are the ones that drive me crazy. We say we want to just be happy but that would be so boring, piss me off, hurt my feelings, confuse me. Separate yourself in some way. I’ve talked before about how/why nice guys this is the other reason. Douchebags stay in her thoughts good and bad. Nice guys only get stories about how the bad guy is and wondering why not him? Sometimes you cant just be the solution, you got to be part of the problem. However, I’m not for all that drama. I’m not about to go gray or bald for some added spice in my life. Also chicks throw bricks and slash tired. So for the most part, I’m more of the outside looking in, laughing at others expense, smh-ing and being happy it ain’t me.


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