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Today’s Word is… OLD

I feel old.  Odd to hear from someone who just turned 24 but as I’m in the final year of my “young adult” demographic I feel somewhat disconnected to the average 18-21 year old.  I’ve always had an “old soul” despite my love for video games and cartoons.  It’s typically why I attract older women, connect with older people and most people would guess I’m 28 before that I was born in 88.  I’m just different from my peers, I suppose. For example

Fashion: In high school was when throwback jerseys were the thing to wear.  People rocked any team, any player, fan loyalty be damned.  From there it was super long tee shirts.  I was with both especially being a big dude.  By college it became graphic tees and wallet chains, I still rolled with it, then it became tight shirts and jeans….STOP REQUESTED.  Now I see dudes rocking lite brite colors and colored jeans and I just smh.  I’m more business casual these days, turned in my fitted collection for a tie one.  Sometimes I’ll still rock a hat and sneakers but not so much anymore, meanwhile I see dudes older than me with mohawks and #swagg shirts on.

nah, son.

Music: I like some music out now but most of it makes my head hurt.  I was raised on old school soul, I can sing along to Smokey Robinson before I can Chief Keef. I even started to get into jazz as an escape from some of the awful glow stick waving music that’s out these days. I still will turn on some Meek Mill or Jeezy on a good day but Future and Lil B the based God….umm I’ll pass.

yes, jazz

Relationships: YOU already know my stanceon relationships versus being single. I just feel a lot more comfortable in a long term monogamous relationship than chasing skirts at the club. I want my relationships to be headed somewhere and if not then why waste either of our time. It sounds insane considering I’m still young and probably the most attractive I’ve ever been to women but it gets old. I have friends who are 30+ in relationships still texting a bunch of girls, I’m over it.

Drinking: I remember the first time I got really drunk, it was freshman year, I had 151, Captain Morgan and some mystery drink. I still don’t really remember what happened that night, I remember having a semester worth of quotables, someone throwing a can at a cop car and some white girl kissing me in the elevator. It was a fun night but I can’t ever see myself doing something like that today and now I can drink legally. I still drink socially but I don’t ever remember being that drunk again (close a few times but never to that extreme). I’m too old to be YOLOing.

The devil’s juice

Overall Recklessness I grew up in the hood but I always knew that my time there had an expiration date. I had been arrested, stabbed, shot at, it wasn’t the life for me. I was never some hardcore gangsta but just someone who constantly was in the wrong place wrong time. Now I’m way too old to be fighting, plus these days dudes don’t fight fair (re: stabbing), I never been to jail jail and I never intend to. I have friends who still getting dumb charges completely oblivious to how the system is set to ruin them for life. I proudly agree to background checks, ain’t nothing there.

We are always reflecting but I always felt the major points were turning 18, turning 25, first child (if not happened already), when your child is old enough to know if you ain’t sh*t(if your kid can’t tell his/her teacher what you do for a living, reevaluate your life), 30, mid life crisis. I guess I’m just on to a different phase of my life. All things considered I had a great coming up, I’m not trying to relive it. I have teenage brothers I’m not trying to be like them, I rather be an example of what to be like going forward. It kills me to see people older than me still acting like kids. Find a tailor, read some books, diversify your interests. Put childish things away, ain’t nobody got time for that. Oh and vote.



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